Mating Rituals — a report

In the first image, a Common Kawasaki Ninjus, female, rests in the shade.

A male, sporting seasonal colors along the shoulders, approaches.

Finally, a yearling catches up to the adults.

























Hillbilly Haiku

Satellite dishing

reality, hunkered in

a hillside trailer.



Yellow jonquils bloom,

prettying the front yard from

their commode planter.


Overstuffed jaw

holds well-worked tobacco:

chipmonk with a chaw.


Chunky concoction,

mealtime nightmare from my youth:

cornbread and clabber.


Honking of wild geese:

haunting reminder of the

squawks of an ex-wife.


Couch or rocking chair,

practiced lazybones can

wallow in either.


On any topic

he speaks with authority

though he knows nothing.


The sagging trotline

is signaling a big catch:

prize lunker, or carp?


Eenie’s Eats, Teek’s Bar,

Vern’s Bait, Henderlight’s Feed Store —

the cap has to fit.


Gray possum splayed

on the highway center line,

not playing this time.


Fried bologna, charred,

slapped between white bread slices;

mustard or mayo?

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